Website Speed Optimisation

Website speed optimisation is when work is carried out on a site to help it load faster.

Google uses over 200 different factors to determine the ranking of your website in search results, one of these being website speed, so it’s key that as part of your website management, the load speed is considered.

Google wants its users to have the most functional and fluid experience meaning that websites with slow loading speeds rank lower down than those with quick loading speeds. SellerHQ’s team have years of experience of increasing the loading speed of websites, so our customers have faster websites to support their search optimisation goals.


Your Website Speed Optimisation package will include:

  • Compression of images
  • Compression of code
  • Optimisation of images
  • Scaling of images
  • Minifying HTML
  • Minifying CSS, Javascript, and much more
  • Optimised CSS Delivery.

Why should you choose SellerHQ?

  • Quality work from a highly experienced digital marketing agency
  • Input from our proactive, dedicated and creative team
  • Friendly and prompt service.
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We have been using your company for some time now and would highly recommend to any other company looking to grow their business taking it to the next technical level in terms of internal personalised programmes, online social media presence. The team is constantly full of ideas and suggestions to push the company even more, whilst also open to any suggestions and finding solutions and ways to adapt them to your business. We have left a lot of our social media outputs in the hands off Danielle and what an amazing job she is doing! We have seen an increased level of traffic and high level of interest in the products due to her constantly updating our social media and again thinking of new ideas and content to post! We look forward to continue working with Seller HQ and all the team! Thank you from us as BM Bi Folding Doors!